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Information is power! Use these important “how-to” booklets to make you a better advocate for your child and for making all schools better.

Know Your Choices: Sowing the Seeds of Reform

“If, in America, we have freedom of choice, why can’t we choose where we send our children to school.” A handbook to help parents get a better education for their child.

Grassroots Action: Community Support For Education Reform

Information to help you become an active parent in your community and guide you toward making a difference in your schools.

How to Start a Charter School: Cultivating the Seeds of Educational Success

A step-by-step outline to help you through the process of establishing a charter school.

Parent Power

Parents across the country are concerned about their child’s education. Is their child being properly challenged, are her teachers qualified, is the school doing its best – and is that enough? Too many parents feel they have no choice but to accept a poor situation as “just the way it is.”