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Opportunities + Innovation = ResultsMay 11, 2018

National Charter Schools Week 2018 Day 6 This is a country built on innovation, but when it comes to education we are far too cautious. We do not need a thousand flowers to bloom, as the saying goes. What we need is to have a thousand (or tens of thousands) of seeds planted. Those that […]

A Movement of Diversity & EquityMay 11, 2018

National Charter Schools Week 2018 Day 5 The charter school movement, and many of its greatest initial and on-going successes, is rooted in its commitment to serving students who for whatever the reason have not been well-served by traditional public education. It’s greatest strength, in fact, is being able to serve students from fragile communities, in […]

Why Limit Success?May 4, 2016

Charter schools in Massachusetts are actually increasing achievement of ELL & SPED students, and they're doing it faster than their traditional public school counterparts

How the charter movement is delivering results for studentsMay 1, 2016

Learn more about how the charter school movement is delivering results for students and the efforts that promise more opportunities for innovative schooling in every state.

Charter School Accountability: A Double-Edged SwordMay 3, 2016

While accountability is critical to ensure students are getting the outcomes they deserve, getting accountability right is even more important. If charter school advocates aren’t conscientious, schools like Rainshadow in Nevada that are dedicated to giving students a second chance will no longer exist.

Communicate Your Concern To State OfficialsMay 1, 2016

Students, families and educators in many cities and states are prohibited from experiencing the power of a charter school education or face regularly assaults on the efforts to expand choice and innovation in education. Check out these cities and states and join in communicating your concern to state officials in these areas through our National […]