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About Us
Our nation’s economic future depends on the successful creation of new, available school choices that break the mold of conventional education. Such competitive forces have continued to yield dramatic improvements in achievement among students of every income level.

The Center for Education Reform helped launch this movement in 1993, and continues to be the leading voice and advocate for lasting, substantive and structural education reform in the U.S. The Center was founded with a simple, but ambitious, guiding principle: to restore excellence to education by bridging the gap between policy and practice such that great ideas are put into action. Read More.

About CER President Kara Kerwin
About CER Founder Jeanne Allen

CER In the News
RADIO: Jeanne Allen talks School Choice, Parent Power (1/27/13, Arizona Politics & Culture with Seth Leibsohn and Tom Brown)
Parent Power Index Rates Each State on Education Options (1/23/13, Epoch Times)
Utah Ranks 11th in U.S. for Charter School Policy (1/23/13, Deseret News)
Triggering Reform (1/22/13, Victorville Daily Press)
John Stossel: Good Intentions Gone Wrong (Video) (Fox Business News, 12/6/12)
The Daniels Record: Successful Innovations (Indianapolis Star, 11/5/12)
Charter schools grow in Prince George’s County (Washington Post, 2/21/12)
Teacher Evaluations and Teacher Abominations (CNN Headline News, 2/16/12)
Leaving ‘No Child’ law: Obama lets 10 states flee (Associated Press, 2/9/12)
Charter School Battle Shifts to Affluent Suburbs (New York Times, 7/16/11)

Press Releases
Jeanne Allen Announces Leadership Transition (2/11/13)
National Report Card for Parents Released (1/22/13)
Annual Charter School Law Report Card Issued (1/16/13)
Michigan Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Public School Students (1/15/13)
State Policy Report Demonstrates Widely Varied Reform Perspectives (1/8/13)
Indiana Turnaround Schools: Model for U.S. (12/5/12)
Voucher Ruling Turns Concept of “Public Funds” on its Head (11/30/12)
Push by D.C. Teachers Union Sign of Worsening Environment for Charters (11/15/12)

Op-Eds, Columns, and Letters
Splinter Group Shouldn’t Hog Media (National Journal, 2/8/13)
Out With the Old, In With the New: Education Reform Cannot Be Compromised (Huffington Post, 1/2/13)
Education Reform Could Have Been A Winning Issue (Politico, 11/10/12)
My view: Why Mitt Romney is a better choice for education reform (CNN, 11/1/12)
Step One: Spot the Real Reformer (National Journal, 9/12/12)
Parents vs. The Blob (Highland Community News, 9/10/12)
Polls, Politics and Education (Huffington Post, 8/27/12)
Letter to the Editor: School Choice Programs (New York Times, 5/29/12)

CER Publications
The Essential Guide to Charter School Lawmaking: Model Legislation for States
This roadmap for policymakers and advocates focuses on essential elements of charter school law: Independent and Multiple Authorizers, Number of Schools Allowed, Operations, and Quality. This framework is based on 20 years of experience working with charter school leaders, policymakers, and legal experts, and reflects what actually works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to ensuring sound charter school policy.
The Field Guide to Education Reform: How to Spot a Real Education Reformer
Don’t be fooled by false education reformers — this useful guide from CER helps the media and voters spot real reformers.
2012: Charter School Laws Across the States — The Essential Guide to Charter School Law
Access the web briefing for further insight, and the ranking & scorecard for a quick overview.
The State of Charter Schools: What We Know – and What We Do Not – About Performance and Accountability
This CER report provides the first-ever national analysis regarding the number of charter schools that have closed since 1992, the basis by which authorizers ensure performance-based accountability. A state-by-state breakdown of closed charters can be accessed here. And, a webinar of the press event can be found here.
Policy Perspective: The Garden State’s Missed Opportunity
CER’s report reveals new evidence of transparency and objectivity flaws in the state’s charter school authorization process. The findings make a strong case in support of the bi-partisan effort to reform the law allowing the creation of multiple authorizers.
2011: Charter School Laws Across The States
The 12th edition of CER’s charter law rankings and scorecard
***For archived reports contact cer@edreform.com***

CER Bios

Michelle Tigani
email: michelle@edreform.com
phone: 800-521-2118