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DCOSP Parents to Capitol Hill: “Please don’t let this program go away”

Since 2004, 6,385 low-income students have attended private schools through the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCOSP), with 90% graduating from high school and 88% continuing their education at a two-year or four-year college. However, DCOSP is authorized through the end of FY2016.

On Tuesday, June 12, The Parent Network for Better Education held a seminar to educate Capitol Hill staff on the importance of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. Parents shared how their children’s experience in school evolved since the scholarship and discussed how critical the program is for many DC families.


Here are a just a few of the important parent highlights from the event:

Felix Adeliyi
Felix was ecstatic when his children were accepted for the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Felix applied to the program to provide his children with the best possible educational opportunities available to them.


“My daughter would call the teacher at 11 o’clock at night when she would get stuck with her homework. I asked why are you calling that teacher, she is sleep. She said, ‘because that teacher is like a mother to me.’ I see her wanting to go to school everyday. She wakes me up wanting to go. It teaches her behavior that will lead her to grow.”





Francine Johnson
Johnson is a mother who lives in Ward 5 and her daughter attends Archbishop Carroll High School where she is currently in the 10th grade.

“My daughter is an DCOSP student and is much more confident. She is already talking about going to college and academically

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Eight Important Tweets on The Future of Adult Literacy

Thirty-six million Americans can’t read.

Low-literacy skills are directly linked to higher unemployment, less earned income and poor health. The result is a lack of social mobility and greater inequality for millions of families.

On June 8, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy convened entrepreneurs, investors, technology leaders, futurists, visionaries, policy makers, and NGO’s to envision transformational ideas for the next 25 years of literacy.

Here are eight important ideas captured under the event’s #AdultEdu hashtag about the bold ideas and innovative thinking that can help alleviate our nation’s literacy crisis:


THIS IS YOUR LIFE, charter schools!


As you’ve probably heard, charter schools celebrated their foundational birthday this month. All the tributes remind us of an episode of This is Your Life, in which numerous people pay tribute to the icon being celebrated.

So today, we join those celebrating charter schools again, because of their long history of successfully changing the paradigm of education in this nation, showing how public schools can be different, and how they can achieve for kids at much greater rates, given the flexibility to do so.

Take a trip down memory lane with us, then, in this video of How Charter Laws Really Got Started. Long before most of today’s reformers were around, there were pioneers fighting for the right to do public education differently.

That they succeeded is the reason we are celebrating today.

Happy Birthday, Charter Schools.


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