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Leading The News: 25 Years of Education Coverage

Where’s the first place you would go to hear updated information on education? What’s the source that you trust the most? What was the last educational topic you heard about in the media? These are all questions that were raised by educational advocate Andrew R. Campanella in his report Leading The News: 25 Years of Education Coverage.

Campanella analyzed the coverage of K-12 education in the media over the last 25 years, and he found that education coverage is declining, with only 4 percent of Americans saying that education was the most important topic to them in 2014.

Local television is where I hear about education the most and it’s my go-to source, and also my most trusted source, coinciding with what others said in the report. Campanella found that local coverage of education is on the rise. In fact, he saw that the highest percentage of mentions of education-related stories focus on sports. The report found that 13.6 percent of local, regional, and state coverage focuses on athletics. Sports are an attention grabber and local news stations know that sports are more interesting for some than hearing about stories that focus on curriculum, budgets or reforms that may have taken place. Unfortunately, focusing on sports takes away from teaching the general public about those important issues in education that affect how their children are learning.

The study also revealed that when education is mentioned in articles, they are almost always focused on a specific policy. In my personal experience, one of the few policies that I have seen written about frequently in news articles is No Child Left Behind (NCLB). NCLB is the “poster child” for education and it’s pushed heavily almost everywhere, and if you were a millennial child you experienced it first hand.

Campanella uncovered

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My First Day

As I approach my final year at Wake Forest University, I reflect on the amazing opportunities I have been given and the wonderful education I have been lucky enough to receive. It was not until my sophomore year however, when I took a class on the policy of public education, that I realized just how fortunate I was. After taking this course both my interest and curiosity were piqued and my passion for education reform ignited. I learned about the educational gaps all over the country and became more and more appalled by the inequality in education opportunities.

I have always been a believer in the American dream and a supporter of the notion that with hard work anything is possible. However, it became increasingly clear to me that the idea that I had always believed in and held close is being threatened by lack of opportunity and equality.

At CER I hope to gain a wider understanding of the various kinds of education and school choice and learn about policies that work to close the equality and achievement gap. Even after one day, I can already see that I am surrounded by experienced professionals who are dedicated to, and passionate about, education quality and equality. I am looking forward to what my time at CER will bring!

Madeline Ryan, CER Intern


All Great Things Come to an End

It’s amazing how time flies. Just two months ago I was being interviewed for a position at the The Center for Education Reform (CER) and now it’s my last day as an intern. I’m really going to miss walking in every morning and greeting the wonderful staff. When I walked into the office for the very first time I didn’t know if I should be terrified of the amount of work I’d be given or about the amount of things I had to present to the organization when I was finished. Everything was great overall in the end though.

In my time here at the CER, I worked on several projects. I wrote blogs, updated articles in the databases, researched K-12 facts to update the organization’s website, and I even conducted my own survey. All of these projects helped my develop my critical thinking skills and conducting my survey helped me network with people I don’t usually talk to. I think I have really grown while working at this organization. I’m very proud of myself and the work I contributed.

The Center for Education Reform helped me analyze the issues surrounding education reform. It is sad to know that education is one of the most underrated issues in society today. It is very important to inform parents and school about opportunities that can further their child’s learning. I will be sure to let parents in my community know there are better schools in D.C. besides the traditional public schools and they will get great results in their child’s learning progress. It worked for me so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for them.

I have enjoyed my time here at CER. I’m shocked that it’s already over. Or am I dreaming? No I’m awake because that pinch actually hurts! These few

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