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Support for Rebecca Friedrichs: Rally Unites Those Standing For Teacher Freedom

“We trust the teachers!” “Stand with Rebecca!” “Do it for the kids!” These were the overwhelming chants heard from the small but mighty forces of the rally on the steps of the Supreme Court this morning. These supporters came out and bared the freezing temperatures to stand by Rebecca Friedrichs, the public face of the heavily discussed court case, Friedrichs V. California Teacher’s Association. Teachers, political figures, and different organizations all spoke valiantly this morning to state why they “Stand with Rebecca”. Even though the numbers were few, those who were physically on Capitol Hill this morning stood to represent the innumerable other supporters across the country.


These past few weeks have been filled to the brim with several different people looking to show their support for this case, all leading up to the hearing this morning. If you didn’t already know at this point, Rebecca Friedrichs is an elementary school teacher from California working to exercise her First Amendment right. She, along with many other teachers, wish to have the ability to choose where the money in their paychecks go. The point that was continuously reiterated in this morning’s rally, and what many people don’t seem to fully understand, is that this case isn’t about the unions. It’s about allowing the teacher’s the choice to either join the union, or opt out. Currently, even those teachers who choose not to participate in the union still have to pay agency fees for the collective bargaining of the unions, even if they don’t agree with the union’s policies.


While the union argues that the money they collect from their non-members goes towards their efforts in supporting all

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Who Is Rebecca Friedrichs?

Who Is Rebecca Friedrichs?

You keep seeing the name in regards to the #SCOTUS case being heard January 11, now get to know the veteran school teacher fighting for individual rights. 

(Thanks to ReasonTV‘s video!)

In a nutshell… she is:

  • A veteran teacher whose cause is for all teachers to have the right to decide for themselves whether or not they want to belong to and financially support a union.
  • Once a union rep, Friedrichs tried to work with the existing system and encountered tough opposition time and time again in dealing with her union, the CTA.

  • Rebecca is the lead plaintiff for 10 California teachers challenging the state requirement that they must fund their teacher’s union, even if they aren’t members of the union. On January 11, 2016, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in her case, and she has the support of teachers, parents, students, and civil rights advocates nationwide in her fight.


Who Gets To Teach The Children?

At a major EdReform.com event, former U.S. Education Secretary, once CER board member and now radio personality William J. Bennett asked the big question that’s at the heart of what we do every day:


The answer might seem complicated to many but for us it’s fairly straightforward – The “who” is those schools and educators to whom the parents entrust their children. As for what we teach them, we share the philosophy of most reformers that the content should be deep, rich and rigorous.

For twenty-two years, The Center for Education Reform has championed policies that allow for parents to direct the education of their children, and for content and standards that represent the bedrock principles of our democracy. How we get them, who tests them, who holds them to account and many more related issues are often controversial. We believe it’s okay to have controversial debates when we are dealing with education. And we know that when we empower parents, communities and educators with the freedom to innovate and the choice to engage together, substantive educational outcomes occur.

As the Founder and President-Emeritus of the Center, I’m enormously proud of the education reform movement and its success all these years in ensuring that collectively we keep our eyes on the most promising and important work we can do to ensure great education for children. Organizations such as Students First, American Federation for Children, FOCUS, Building Hope, Getting Smart, and literally hundreds of others have kept the nation’s attention focused on the most essential issues.

As we enter another New Year full of promise and hope, we invite you to engage with us in ensuring that

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