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“Charter schools have made these last three years the best of my life”

Meet the Richards family from Framingham, Massachusetts. They are just one of thousands of families across the Bay State who have had their lives forever changed thanks to the excellent education they received at their local charter school – Christa McCullough Charter School.

“Charter schools have made the last three years the best of my life,” says one of the Richards, who with a 23-page IEP, who feels more at home in his charter school than any other previous learning environment.

Help share this story to show why it’s imperative to expand learning opportunities for more students, in Massachusetts and beyond:



“Mommy, They Get Me.” A Massachusetts Mother is Overwhelmed By Her Son’s Charter School

As Massachusetts voters consider expanding opportunity through public charter schools on November 8, charter school parent Laura Richards explains how charter schools in Massachusetts have helped her son in ways she never imagined possible.

Her inspiring story:

Share Laura’s story to help cut through the noise and fearmongering from teacher’s unions and other protectors of the status quo, so that voters in Massachusetts and beyond know exactly how powerful choice and opportunity can be before they head to the polls.


23 Timeline Tidbits To Celebrate EdReform Turning 23


The 23 year history of #EdReform is also the making of a movement!  Follow these #CER23 Timeline Tidbits to learn why it matters:



1993: 10 years after Nation at Risk & continued crisis, The Center for Education Reform is founded by @JeanneAllen to make all schools work better for all children.


1995: CER publishesThe School Reform Handbook, training an army of school reform pioneers.


1996: CER starts grading state charter school laws to ensure opportunity & innovation for all kids.


1997: Before the web took off, CER published the first ever roadmap to starting & advocating for charter schools

1998: Rep. Dwight Evans is honored as an Unsung Hero for his work helping Pennsylvania kids at CER’s 5th anniversary celebration.

1998: “We simply cannot afford to lose a single child.” — Words of urgency from Howard Fuller that still ring true today

1998: Leah Vukmir started as a concerned parent who used to call CER. Today, she’s leading the charge for opportunity as a Wisconsin State Senator.

2002: Choice & Accountability take the national stage with CER’s guidance and expertise


2002: US Supreme Court, in Zelman v. SimmonsHarris case, finds Ohio voucher program constitutional! CER Amicus Brief is credited with with shaping Justice O’Connor’s opinion.


2003: As CER celebrates its 10th anniversary, we honor Fannie Lewis, a mother turned City Councilwoman who fought the law for kids and won.

2003: “No longer can we brand kids by their zip code.” Rod Paige, who was Education Secretary at the time, makes this declaration

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