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Morning Shots

Ten Thousand Lifeboats – PA’s Education Improvement Tax Credit (Andrew LeFevre)

Today I am very pleased to be able to speak to you about our state’s exceedingly successful and popular corporate tax credit program that benefits Pennsylvania school children. Now in its sixth year, PA’s Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program is considered by many of your colleagues as one of our state’s biggest educational achievements of the past decade.



I'm Failing First Grade (Elena Beyzarov)

As I came home from work on Friday afternoon, I just had to yell out to my daughter the one prevailing thought that I had since the minute I woke up that morning. "Yeah it’s the weekend, NO HOMEWORK!!!!!" To add to the effect, I even jumped up and down in my heels. Madeline too was happy, but she merely smiled at me and continued to play with her dolls. So why did my enthusiasm surpass that of my child’s? Well, given my daughter’s-or more appropriately my-first few months in the first grade, I’m rather surprised that I didn’t break a heel with the force of my leaps.



Saving 'No Child Left Behind' From Itself (Dan Lips)

Conservative lawmakers on Capitol Hill have introduced a bill that would let states opt out of many of the mandates imposed by the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

Under the new approach, states would be free to use federal education funds as they see fit, provided they maintain student testing to assess their progress and make the test results publicly available.

Some NCLB supporters charge that the conservative plan would undermine accountability.



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