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Who is Public Education Supposed to Help? (Dave Johnston)

I read three items recently that led me to the conclusion that many people don’t really understand who public education is intended to help. I’ve always thought that public education was about preparing California’s children for success in college and the world of work. As I read these articles, I can’t help but feel that other people have a different view.



More Charter Schools for New York State (Thomas Carroll and Peter Murphy)

After several years of heated debate, the New York State Legislature, at the urging of the new governor, Eliot Spitzer, doubled the number of public charter schools allowed in New York State, which he labeled a “signature accomplishment.”



A Response to Jay Mathews (Robert Enlow)

This is a response to an article by Washington Post education reporter and columnist Jay Mathews.

I am tired of all the tortured arguments against vouchers like the ones presented by Jay Matthews.



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