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A Response to Jay Mathews (Robert Enlow)

This is a response to an article by Washington Post education reporter and columnist Jay Mathews.

I am tired of all the tortured arguments against vouchers like the ones presented by Jay Matthews.



A Special Place in Hell (Terrence O. Moore)

The vast majority of visions offered of the afterlife, whether that of Dante or the ordinary man on the street, figure that the fires of Hell will be reserved for murderers, thieves, rapists, and other malefactors, while a rather better fate awaits faithful saints, brave warriors, and the caretakers of children.  The Democratic education leadership of the Colorado state legislature apparently has greater insights into such matters than the rest of us.  Among them one will find the new Dante: State Representative Mike Merrifield, until a couple of weeks ago chairman of the House committee on education.  In a private e-mail to Sue Windels, the state Senate education chairwoman and long-time choice opponent, Merrifield proclaimed, “There must be a special place in Hell for these Privatizers, Charerizers and Voucherizers!”  Thus Merrifield condemns to their own circle in the Inferno parents and public spirited men and women who want to give children a chance to leave a failing public school system and enter schools in which they will actually learn to read, write, do math, and think about important things.  Due to public uproar, Merrifield resigned his position as chairman.  However satisfying that resignation may be for the moment, the legislator’s opinions are hardly unique to him.  Rather, they finally bring to light the true animosity and contempt the educational establishment has for school reform and not a little about the establishment’s methods as well.



The Politics of Vouchers (Jay Mathews)

I am tired of the voucher issue. You know what I mean—the pitched political battle over whether to let parents take the tax dollars spent on their kids in public schools and use them as scholarships to attend private schools.



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