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School of Choice (Collin Hitt)

In 1997, Chicago International Charter School (CICS) opened its doors as part of a bold new experiment in public education. By allowing principals the freedom to manage, teachers the freedom to teach, and parents the freedom to choose, charter schools like Chicago International sought to end the cycle of failure in Chicago’s public schools.

Eleven years later, charter schools are no longer an experiment. They’re a proven success. Chicago is now home to 29 charter schools with more than 50 campuses, serving more than 10,000 students; and as Chicago Public Schools recently reported, charters are outperforming comparable public schools on four out of five measures of student performance. (more…)


History-Making in the Big Apple (Allen & Chavous)

As the churn and swirl of media coverage from the Eliot Spitzer scandal fade from memory, people across the nation are making the acquaintance of a new governor who will surely make history. That’s because David Paterson, New York’s new governor, has faced a significant obstacle in his ascent to power.

And no, we’re not talking about that fact that he’ll be only the third African-American governor in American history. We’re not pointing out that he grew up in poverty. We’re not even referring to the fact that the governor is legally blind. No doubt you’ve read all that already. (more…)


Charters: Positive Alternative (Fred Crawford)

In today’s world, education is the key to one’s future. The outlook could be bleak according to the researchers of Educational Testing Services (ETS). A report from ETS’s Policy Information Center states that, unless we act now, the “convergence of three powerful socioeconomic forces are changing our nation’s future: substantial disparities in skill levels (reading and math); seismic economic changes (widening wage gaps); and sweeping demographic shifts (less education, lower skills).”

Fortunately, South Carolina students today do have some control over their futures. Students can take action on two of these three forces by choosing a school that meets their learning needs, increases their skill level, and offers academic guidance. Deciding on which school to attend may also affect career choices and narrow the wage gap, as well. The South Carolina public education system offers two types of public school choices: traditional and charter. (more…)


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