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A Call for Education Innovators!

Are you or someone you know 30 or younger and innovative when it comes to education? A new member-based organization, splashlife.com is looking to feature 30 innovative educators under 30, and is anticipating your suggestions.

Given the greater autonomy that comes with school reform models like charters, we have little doubt that young educators are utilizing this freedom to push the envelope in K-12 education.

Of course innovators out there are not usually the types to toot their own horns, but maybe you can do that for them—or, if you’ve got something in the works yourself, this is a solid opportunity to get exposure.

May is the Splashlife’s education-focused month, so help them out— contact Meredith Landry, Splashlife Editor at meredith@splashlife.com to tell them who’s doing something new and innovative, why they’re great, and of course, include contact information.


Is Vincent Gray a liar, or just not paying attention?

popquizDC’s Mayor Vincent Gray and other school choice opponents took some time out yesterday, a day that saw a renewal of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program thanks to the CR budget compromise in the House and Senate, to decry what they see is that program’s theft of federal funds from the city’s public schools.


The DC Opportunity Scholarship Program provides supplemental funding for scholarships that are made available to the District’s poorest families, offering them a lifeline out of failing neighborhood schools.

And it doesn’t stop there.

The legislation (supplemental, remember, above and beyond typical funding for DCPS) provides $40 million EXTRA dollars a year to traditional DC public schools and charter schools.



This means:

A) He is a liar

B) He has never taken the time read the legislation (then or now) and his staff is lying to him

C) The teachers union contributed handsomely to his campaign war chest

D) He will say anything to appease his supporters, even if it means robbing traditional public and charter schools of tens of millions of dollars, and thousands of kids of their educational future

(Answer: Thee of these answers are correct, but it is unclear as to which three.)


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