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Give the Gift of Opportunity

I am sure by now you have seen that #GivingTuesday is upon us.

Did you know that fewer than 40% of our nation’s students are proficient in core subjects?  That number drops to below 20% for minority students and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. What if you could change that?

We boldly ask that you consider the gift of opportunity to children across the country by supporting the Center for Education Reform (CER). Although we have some strong school choice advocates in this new administration, and hope to ride that momentum- you and I both know that it doesn’t take long for us to get sucked back into the status quo.

We are the determined advocates that stand in the gap to rally for innovation and opportunity when school leaders, EdTech innovators, researchers and policy makers get diverted by the bureaucracy that plagues us all. The education landscape needs our relentless dedication and focus on innovation and opportunity.

Will you invest in true opportunity in the first 100 days?

CER has strategically designed a 100-day campaign that will lay the groundwork for how we mobilize our network in 2017—but we need your help to pull this off. As we prepare for the beginning of a new Presidential administration, we have school choice advocates like never before – at the local, state and federal levels. We will be working hard to come alongside these new leaders and leverage all of our relationships and resources to equip them to be catalysts for educational choice – and lasting change.

The job is not going to be easy, but the underpinning of the election results will give us a broader pipeline to underwrite opportunity at the state and local level in many areas we thought would have more red tape.

Will you help us raise $25,000 by the end of

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EdReform Revived Event Summary


Educational freedom drives innovation that shocks the status quo, inserts competition, and ultimately contributes to the superior outcomes that result from content excellence delivered through great school.

NOTE: A more comprehensive report is coming soon, including videos and full resource bank

This one-day event was the launching point for the leaders in the field to transposition the public conversation on educational reform. This is the beginning of us collectively changing of the conversation, and broadening. The support base which will result in an increased focus on opportunity, innovation and content knowledge.

Contributors who underwrote the conversation:

Ms. Jeanne Allen
Founder & CEO, The Center for Education Reform

Dr. Jay Greene
Distinguished Professor & Head of the Department of Education Reform, University of Arkansas

Dr. Susan Dynarski
Professor of Education, Public Policy & Economics, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, School of Education & Dept. of Economics

Dr. Marcus Winters
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Mr. Robert Pondiscio
Senior Fellow & Vice President for External Affairs, Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Dr. Jay Greene
Distinguished Professor & Head of the Department of Education Reform, University of Arkansas

Dr. Gerard Robinson
Resident Fellow, Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Mr. Tom Vander Ark
CEO & Partner, Getting Smart

Mr. Robert Jackson
Chief Academic Officer, GreatHearts

Mr. Max Eden
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Mr. Matthew Ladner
Senior Advisor, Policy & Research, The Foundation for Excellence in Education

Ms. Mary Stafford
Co-Founder, TRUEnorth Education Partners

Dr. Michael Horn
Co-Founder & Distinguished Fellow, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

Mr. Jonathan Hage
Founder & CEO, Charter Schools USA

Ms. Susie Miller Carello
Executive Director, SUNY Charter Schools Institute

Mr. Robert Enlow
President & CEO, EdChoice

Hon. Tim Kelly
Michigan House of Representatives

Dr. Michael Q. McShane
Director of Education Policy, The Show-Me Institute

Mr. John Bailey
Former White House Advisor

Dr. Ted Kolderie
Co-Founder & Senior Fellow, Education Evolving


Topics Discussed:







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This Is Too Important Not To Share!

If you know anyone in MA, even long lost friends, please forward this email to them! It’s time to expand education opportunity for our kids.

“If you were told that your only option for school for your child was currently underperforming, what would you do?”

A Note from Beth Anderson (Excerpts)

I am sending this email widely, to friends in my life, fellow parents in my daughter Ciara’s district public school, my son Galileo’s JCC school, and most of all, supporters and colleagues in an almost 30 year fight to disrupt bad educational practices and create new and better ones that serve our youth and young adults most challenged by poverty, racism and oppression.

Phoenix public charter (and other) schools give ALL students a chance to succeed academically and access to the ability to be economically viable. You have all seen, first hand, the ways in which Phoenix students in particular have disrupted narratives around what is possible for powerful, resilient young people in urban areas to succeed in this country.

Phoenix exists today only because of the Massachusetts public charter movement.

The autonomy of the public charter model allows us to be innovative and entrepreneurial, to remove barriers and change the game for disconnected and off track youth. Phoenix is now one of the leaders in statewide thinking about access to high quality and rigorous education for off track youth and they are excited, with many others, to continue this work. The current debate on Question 2 threatens the very lifeblood that allowed Phoenix, and other public school reformers and revolutionaries, to produce lasting change.


To all parents, I ask – If there was the ability to open a new, high-performing, free and public school for your child, wouldn’t you stop at

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