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Daily Headlines for September 28, 2011

Promoting Jobs Bill In Denver, Obama Highlights $60 Billion For Schools
Washington Post, DC, September 28, 2011
As he has barnstormed the country to promote the American Jobs Act, President Obama has made the case that spending money now will pay off later for the United States ’ global productivity and competitiveness. And one of the biggest investments he is proposing comes in education.

The President’s Plan For The Economy And Education
Denver Post, CO, September 28, 2011
Imagine Steve Jobs trying to design the next generation of tablet computers using mainframe hardware from the Eisenhower administration. Or American automakers trying to out-engineer foreign competitors on an assembly line with equipment from the 1960s.

Don’t Let Learning Fall Victim To Politics
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN, September 27, 2011
During last week’s GOP presidential debate, several candidates drew applause by calling for the elimination of the federal Department of Education.



Horizon Opens New Charter Program in Roseville
Rossville Press Tribune, CA, September 28, 2011
In a seventh-grade science class, student Joel Reedy demonstrates how magicians use light refraction for optical illusions by dipping a test tube filled with oil into a beaker of oil.

State Should OK Smarter Ways To Judge Schools
Sacramento Bee, CA, September 28, 2011
Any family looking to move into a neighborhood with good schools knows the magic “800″ number.


School District Could Add 2 Charter Schools
Tallahassee Democrat, FL, September 28, 2011
Leon County could be looking at the addition of two charter schools opening as early as next summer.

Seminole Nixes 3 Proposed Charter Schools
Orlando Sentinel, FL, September 27, 2011
Plans for three new charter schools in Seminole County were rejected Tuesday by the School Board, which agreed the proposed charters were poorly planned and not needed.

More Orange County Teachers Will Get Low Ratings Under New Evaluation Plan
Orlando Sentinel, FL, September 27, 2011
A new evaluation system mandated by state law and negotiated with the teachers union will result in a slight increase in the number of Orange County teachers who will get “unsatisfactory” ratings this school year.

Milburn Academy Shutdown Would Be Third in Florida
Bradenton Herald, FL, September 28, 2011
Bradenton’s Richard Milburn Academy may be closing sooner than expected, making it at least the third Milburn school to be shut down in Florida .


School Board To Decide Fate Of Charter Schools At Meeting
Marietta Daily Journal, GA, September 28, 2011
The Cobb County School Board is expected to decide the fates of four charter schools at its Thursday night meeting.


Louisiana Charter School Monitoring Plan Ready For Review
Times Picayune, LA, September 27, 2011
The Louisiana Department of Education will lay out a plan for keeping a closer eye on independent charter schools today that includes restructuring the department’s charter office, an increase in funding and more clearly defined roles for the different state officials involved in the job.


On Charter Time
Boston Globe, MA, September 27, 2011
THE STORYLINE from the latest MCAS results is disappointing: Overall, our schools are only making slow progress narrowing the gap between low-income and middle-class kids.

Mass. Will Seek ‘No Child’ Waiver
Boston Globe, MA, September 27, 2011
Massachusetts is joining a growing number of states in seeking a waiver from an unpopular provision of the federal No Child Left Behind Act that has cast hundreds of schools in a harsh light, a top state education official announced yesterday.

State IG Again Eyes Charter No-Bid Spending
Gloucester Times, MA, September 27, 2011
The Gloucester Community Arts Charter School is drawing fire for its bidding and purchasing practices — again.


Anti-Teacher Union Bills Will Hurt Schools
Detroit News, MI, September 28, 2011
Right now, Republican politicians are more intent on attacking teachers and other school employees than doing anything that is proven to help students or create jobs.

Professor: Change Name Of Charter Schools To ‘Corporate’ Or ‘Franchise’ Schools Because They Are Not What Was Intended
Grand Rapid Press, MI, September 17, 2011
Charter schools have strayed so far from their original intent that they should be renamed “corporate” or “franchise” schools instead, a Western Michigan University professor told a state Senate Committee.

Bing Reignites Philanthropist’s Interest In Schools
The Detroit News, MI, September 28, 2011
Bob Thompson wanted to transform public education in Detroit in 2002, so the millionaire philanthropist offered the city $200 million to build 15 charter high schools.


KC Charter School Gets Perfect Score on State Performance
Fox 4KC, MO, September 27, 2011
A charter school in the KCMSD has been awarded accreditation with distinction for meeting every state standard for performance. The University Academy is a K-12 urban charter school. It opened its doors to 18 new students after the Kansas City School District lost its accreditation.


Rural Schools in N.J. Sue for Funding
Wall Street Journal, September 28, 2011
Sixteen rural school districts have sued New Jersey, saying Gov. Chris Christie illegally cut their state funding.


Officials Eye Tech School For Virgo Charter
Star News, NC, September 27, 2011
A possible charter school at the former Virgo Middle School site downtown got a name and some bones Tuesday night.


Bill To Expand School Vouchers Draws Flak
Columbus Dispatch, OH, September 28, 2011
Public schools are stepping up efforts to derail previously obscure legislation that could divert millions of dollars from taxpayer-funded schools to private and parochial ones.

Bill Would Block Students From Poor-Performing Charter Schools
Daily Record, OH, September 28, 2011
School officials from northeast Ohio urged lawmakers Tuesday to change state law to block parents from enrolling their children in poor-performing charter schools.

First Combined Charter/Public School In Ohio
WKYC, OH, September 27, 2011
It’s the start of school and you see something unusual at Garrett Morgan School of Science as kids enter the building. Garrett Morgan High School students and elementary charter school students go in through metal detectors and xray machines together.


Pocono Mountain Charter School Wins Appeal, Will Stay Open
Pocono Record, PA, September 28, 2011
The Pocono Mountain Charter School will remain open. The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Charter Appeals Board Tuesday rejected an effort by the Pocono Mountain School District to revoke the school’s charter.

Official Defends Ads For Deer Lakes Public Schools
Valley News Tribune, PA, September 28, 2011
Superintendent Dean Casello doesn’t see a problem with school districts using tax money to pay for advertisements promoting public education.


Shelby County Charter School Organizers Seek Millions In Funds
Commercial Appeal, TN, September 28, 2011
Shelby County Schools has received nearly three times the number of charter school applications this year as in previous years combined.

Board Asks State To Reconsider New Teacher Eval Regs
The Daily News Journal, TN, September 28, 2011
City Schools administrators are spending too much time evaluating veteran teachers, time which could be better used helping newer teachers become more effective in the classroom, Director Linda Gilbert said.


Unified Committee To Work On Retaining Possible Voucher Students
Journal Times, WI, September 27, 2011
Unified is creating a Choice Committee to promote and expand student options in the district in order to keep students enrolled.


New Audit of Online Schools Gains Traction at Colorado Capitol
Denver Post, CO, September 18, 2011
For the second time in less than a decade, Colorado’s rapidly growing online schools may face the scrutiny of state auditors.

Blended Model Best Way For Kids To Learn
Idaho Press Tribune, ID, September 28, 2011
In recent weeks, parents and teachers across the state have expressed concern over the State Board’s recommendation of two online courses for every high school student.


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