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NAACP Report Draws Condemnation and Criticism


In July 2017, the NAACP released a report from its Education Task Force that questioned the value of charter schools to minority communities. The association also endorsed “model legislation” that would impose a decade-long moratorium on the creation of new charter schools in states. The report and the legislative initiative drew immediate condemnation and criticism from African American leaders and other advocates for educational opportunity across the nation.




The following statement was issued today by CER directors David Hardy, founder and Chair of Boys’ Latin Philadelphia Charter School and Donald Hense, founder and chairman of Washington D.C.’s Friendship Public Charter Schools, in response to the NAACP Task Force on Education Quality July 2017 Hearing Report. 

The NAACP’s campaign against charter schools is detrimental and disrespectful to all parents who struggle to ensure a quality education for their children.

Rather than embrace, and work to expand, the opportunities that charter schools represent to America’s disadvantaged, and to families of color across the nation, the NAACP has chosen to stand as an obstacle, and work to stifle, a movement that, for thousands of children, is the greatest – and only – hope for achieving a quality education.

The association’s recently released report is intentionally skewed to further a union-driven, anti-charter school agenda, and its “model legislation” effort is an outrageous political scheme to further support the union’s agenda by undermining the voice and will of parents who are fighting for options for their children’s education and for the right and freedom to choose.

The NAACP has a long history of fighting for justice and for individual rights that further opportunities, hopes and human dignity. These efforts are the antithesis of that long fight, putting the association sadly, and uncharacteristically, on the wrong side of history.


African Americans Speak for Themselves: Most Want School Choice

“Indeed, Quick herself concedes that ‘it makes sense that black and brown families, too often lacking options beyond segregated, under resourced, and underperforming schools, would want alternative options for their children.’”

The Cato Institute
July 25, 2017

For Black Families Focused on Education the NAACP Just Committed the Worst Kind of Betrayal 

“Charters are about opportunity. And the NAACP, as an organization historically committed to advancing opportunity, is the one place where no one should stand in the way.”

The 74,
July 27th, 2017

African-American Education Leaders Speak out Against NAACP Actions 

“The NAACP has a long history of fighting for justice and for individual rights that further opportunities, hopes and human dignity. These efforts are the antithesis of that long fight, putting the association sadly, and uncharacteristically, on the wrong side of history.”

The Center for Education Reform Newswire
July 31st, 2017


The NAACP’s Duplicitous Engagement of Black Families on Charter Schools Is a Betrayal

“The NAACP just declared that its agenda—one for the adults and the union leaders that also puts charters on blast—is the one that, to them, matters most.”

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute
July 31, 2017

Contra NAACP, Charter Schools Are Giving Hope to African-Americans Who Had None

“By providing choice for those who previously had none, D.C.’s charter schools and similarly high-performing counterparts elsewhere are delivering on the hope and promise of the civil rights movement…”

The Washington Examiner
August 1, 2017


“Which brings us back to the unconscionable NAACP report. ‘The NAACP seems tired and unfocused,’ the Council of Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church complained in an open letter earlier this month.”

The California Policy Center
August 1, 2017

Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Been Offended by the NAACP’s Position on Charter Schools
The Center for Education Reform
August 2, 2017

“When asked whether Dr. King would have also supported charter schools, Walker replied: ‘Oh, yes, without a doubt. Because [Dr. King] knew how important a good education was.’”

Advancement — the Second ‘A’ in NAACP — Should Apply to Our Children Too

“The fact is, the NAACP is out of step with the desires of so many parents across the country who are demanding more options and quality education for their children. The NAACP has chosen to ignore these parents and continue its unfortunate and misguided crusade against charter schools.”

The 74
August 2, 2017

The NAACP’s Inept Vendetta Against Charter Schools

“Attending the group’s convention in Baltimore last week, education journalist Chris Stewart reported that the NAACP ‘doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they are a teachers’ union ancillary.’

National Review
August 3, 2017

NAACP Misses Mark on Charters

“While correctly pinpointing how children of color have been under-served in public education for generations, the report … contrasts uneasily with data showing that charter schools have improved public education, especially for the most vulnerable.”

The Boston Herald
August 5, 2017