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Unions More Disconnected in 2014

In 2014, the gap between teacher union interests and what works in improving student achievement and opportunity continues to widen. Union officials choose to focus on issues unrelated to education and remain opposed to proven policies rooted in choice and accountability.

Here s a roundup of a few instances that show how unions continue to be an obstacle to meaningful reforms in America’s public education system:

— California Teachers Association dishes out $3 million for three ballot initiatives, two of which have nothing to do with education.

— High-performing educators testify in the ongoing court case Vergara v. California, recalling how teacher retention policies based on seniority rather than merit negatively affected their careers and schools.

— Head of the American Federation of Teachers chooses to focus on settling a petty political score in Rhode Island rather than the actual issues facing K-12 education.

Baltimore Teachers Union rallies to obtain full control over…teacher mailboxes?



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