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Voucher Ruling Turns Concept of “Public Funds” on its Head

CER Press Release
Washington, D.C.
November 30, 2012

Center for Education Reform Founder and President Jeanne Allen made the following statement regarding news about Louisiana State District Judge Tim Kelley’s ruling that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s expanded voucher program is unconstitutional:

“The debate in Louisiana has turned the concept of ‘public funds’ on its head. Taxpayer dollars for education should be used for their intended purpose –actually educating children! This ruling will ensure that the unions and the bureaucracy will continue their stranglehold on Louisiana schools, and that children will continue to be stuck in failing schools with little accountability.

It’s time the justice system was held accountable for making such a divisive and clearly political ruling on a program that has saved children’s lives. We will be supporting the good people of Louisiana and our allies who fought so hard to get this program created, to ensure justice is truly done to those whose decision ill-serve not just this state, but all of our United States.”

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