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Daily Headlines for July 2, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Education Record Was Mixed
Boston Globe, MA, July 2, 2012

Mitt Romney campaigned for governor in 2002 in favor of scrapping the nation’s first bilingual education law and instead immersing non-English speakers in classrooms where only English would be taught. The effort proved to be a failure.



Charter School Gets Funding
Visalia Times-Delta, CA, July 2, 2012

A Visalia charter school last week was awarded a federal grant.
Sycamore Valley Academy received a $575,000 federal start-up grant from the State Department of Education.


Emphasis Put On Students With New Teacher Evaluation Guidelines
Norwich Bulletin, CT, June 30, 2012

The state Department of Education this week took a huge step forward in education reform with the unanimous approval of new teacher evaluation guidelines that will be tested as a pilot program in 16 school districts this coming year.


How Inspections Would Embarrass Schools
Washington Post, DC, July 1, 2012

If we rid ourselves of standardized tests to rate public schools, what would we have instead? The most likely alternative is the inspectorate used in England. Scholars such as Richard Rothstein of the Economic Policy Institute say school visits by well-trained inspectors would reveal more about what needs fixing than test-score averages.

SIMMONS: Return on Investment in D.C. Schools: D-
Washington Times, DC, July 1, 2012

In case you missed the really big news about per-pupil funding and the D.C. Public Schools (DCPS), allow me to announce that the Obama administration has let the proverbial fat cat out of the bag: The U.S. Census Bureau reported June 21 that DCPS leads the nation in per-pupil spending, to the tune of $18,667 per student, per year.


Lobbyist Wrong Voice for Florida Students
Palm Beach Post, FL, July 2, 2012

Allowing a charter school lobbyist to crow about the wonders of FCAT is like the NRA convincing us that AK47 ownership is a good thing. (“Too many standardized tests? Local school districts share the blame,”June 18).

State Appeals Body Approves 4 New Palm Beach County Charter Schools
WPTV, FL, June 30, 2012

The state Charter School Appeal Commission has sided with four charter schools whose applications were denied this year by the Palm Beach County School Board.


Most Major Metro Atlanta School Systems Imposed Furlough Days And Staff Cuts
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA, July 2, 2012

The recent end of a grueling budget season for school districts across metro Atlanta will result in a school year with fewer teachers, more crowded classrooms and, some fear, less learning.


Rapides School Officials To Consider Joining Lawsuit Tuesday
Alexandria Town Talk, LA, July 2, 2012

The Rapides Parish School Board is considering joining a lawsuit seeking to undo Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s voucher program.

As Private School Vouchers Expand In New Orleans, Eyes Turn Toward State For Accountability Plan
Times Picayune, LA, July 1, 2012

Since the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina, two public school systems have grown side by side out of the wreckage in New Orleans, one operated by the state, another by the local school board.

Emails Reveal Voucher Scheme
Monroe News Star, LA,July 1, 2012

Emails between Louisiana Education Superintendent John White, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s spokesman Kyle Plotkin and Jindal’s policy adviser Stafford Palmieri show White devising a scheme to “muddy up a narrative” and to “take some air out of the room” after a news report about the new voucher program that was published before his Senate confirmation hearing in May.


Tax Dollars Will Travel To Charter Schools
Portland Press Herald, ME, July 1, 2012

Smaller and poorer districts will smart more as their money – and students – are siphoned to the non-public institutions.


Blissfield’s Teachers Taking Bold Step With Merit-Based Contract
Adrian Daily Telegram, MI, July 1, 2012

For far too long, our school systems have been stuck with pay systems that rewarded seniority, not merit. The new contract approved recently by teachers at Blissfield Community Schools represents a welcome change.

Roberts Imposes Contract on DPS Teachers; Union to Consider Options
Detroit News, MI, July 2, 2012

Union leaders plan to meet this week to consider options after the state-appointed emergency financial manager running the Detroit Public Schools imposed a contract on the district’s teachers.


Local Officials React To Missouri Receiving No Child Left Behind Waiver
Southeast Missourian, MO, July 2, 2012

Friday’s announcement from the White House that five more states will receive waivers from some requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act gave educators in Missouri and elsewhere reason to finally breathe a sigh of relief, but local school officials say accountability for student achievement is still a top priority.


Misunderstanding School Vouchers
The Record, NJ, July 2, 2012

Regarding former Gov. James Florio’s “School vouchers, especially now, are a bad idea” (Other Views, June 26): I think Florio is the last person who should be lecturing anybody on any tax-related matters or what to do during budget shortfalls.

Bright Horizon, Salem County’s First Charter School, Prepared For September Opening In Carneys Point
Todays Sunbeam, NJ, June 30, 2012

Bright Horizon, Salem County’s first charter school, is set to open this September.

Tenure Bill Represents Worthy Reform
Daily Record, NJ, June 30, 2012

Gov. Chris Christie is reportedly uncertain whether to sign off on the compromise teacher tenure reform bill that makes significant changes to the present system, but retains seniority protections.


Mayor’s Bid to Shut Schools Halted
Wall Street Journal, June 30, 2012

An arbitrator on Friday blocked Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to close 24 low-performing public schools and reopen them with half of their original staff members.

Total Of 21 Schools To Open In The Bronx This Fall Vary In Curriculum, From Hospitality To Entertainment
New York Daily News, NY, June 30, 2012

One will give every student an e-reader. Another will allow students to run an entertainment company. And yet another will train students in the fast-growing tourism industry.

Teachers Union President Michael Mulgrew Denies Kids A Chance At Success
New York Daily News, NY, June 30, 2012

Wins arbitration blocking the closure of 24 perpetually failing schools to save his members’ jobs

Most NY State Schools Likely Missed July 1 Teacher Evaluation Plan Deadline
North County Public Radio, NY, July 2, 2012

An important deadline in the state’s ongoing teacher evaluation process occurred Sunday, but as Karen DeWitt reports, as of Friday most schools seemed likely to miss it.

2 New High Schools May Open In Region
Times-Herald Record, NY, July 2, 2012

Two new high schools may rise in the mid-Hudson, even as public school districts shut buildings. The Bruderhof religious community plans to open and operate one of the new high schools; the other is a charter school for dropouts in Newburgh.

2 Failing City Schools Proposed For Charters
Buffalo News, NY, June 30, 2012

Some of the founders of Tapestry Charter School are spearheading an effort to turn East High School and Waterfront School , both deemed persistently low achieving, into charter schools – a proposal that seems to have riled district administrators and School Board members.

Gov. John Kasich to Sign Cleveland Schools Bill Built Through Collaboration
Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH, July 2, 2012

A year ago, Gov. John Kasich and State Sen. Nina Turner were political enemies.


Teachers To Be Evaluated With New Statewide Models
Tulsa World, OK, July 2, 2012

Public school educators across the state will soon be evaluated with one of three new statewide models, but first, school district officials have to figure out how to pay to train their administrators and principals in how to carry out the evaluations.


Oregon Board of Education Approves Teacher Evaluation Guidelines
Statesman Journal, OR, June 30, 2012

The state Board of Education has approved guidelines for how Oregon teachers and administrators will be evaluated.


Meet William Hite, Philadelphia’s New School Chief …
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA, July 1, 2012

Who is the new Philadelphia School District superintendent? He is William R. Hite Jr., 51, most recently the superintendent of the Prince George’s County, Md. , public schools, a politically tough system with a growing majority of poor students and a recent history of budget problems.

Compromise Led To Deal On Teacher Tenure
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA, July 1, 2012

Lawmakers and education advocates came to a remarkable compromise in forging an overhaul of tenure laws to make it easier for public schools to oust ineffective educators. But building a consensus meant dropping a change that most other states have already made: making teachers’ effectiveness a factor in determining which lose their jobs in case of layoffs.

On Deadline, State Republican Lawmakers Seal Deals
Philadelphia Tribune-Review, PA, July 1, 2012

After days of long meetings and last-minute bills flying, Gov. Tom Corbett signed a $27.7 billion no-new-taxes budget just before midnight Saturday that was the centerpiece of several long-term victories for his legislative agenda.

Pennsylvania Corporate Tax Credit Will Pay For Private-School Scholarships
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA, July 2, 2012

Gov. Corbett, who has pushed hard for a school-voucher program, achieved much of that goal Saturday night through the expansion of a corporate tax credit that for the first time will pay for public school students to attend private schools.

Student Performance May Count In Teacher Evaluations
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA, June 30, 2012

Teachers in Pennsylvania soon may be evaluated, at least partially, based on how their students perform.

Charters Slowing Legislators
Times Leader, PA, June 30, 2012

With a deadline hours away, disagreements over publicly funded, privately run charter schools were creating a logjam as lawmakers worked to approve bills integral to the state budget and crucial to Gov. Tom Corbett’s agenda.


School Choice — Legislators Fail Again
The Times and Democrat, SC, July 2, 2012

When you have a big mouth you’re accustomed to being blasted for your opinions, along with getting the occasional silent approval, but that’s not the point. Public opinion is often shaped by those willing to stand out front, those who attempt to make some sense out of no sense.


New Charter Schools Give New Options to North Nashvillians
The Tennessean, TN, June 30, 2012

Parents in North Nashville will have two new options for their children’s education beginning in 2013, continuing Metro Nashville’s move toward charter schools targeting at-risk students.

Suit Challenging Municipal School Voting Likely Won’t Be Settled Quickly
Commercial Appeal, TN, July 2, 2012

The Shelby County Commission’s move last week to block the suburban referendums on new municipal school districts returns the polarizing issue to federal court where both sides had assumed that it would ultimately be decided.


Va. Beach Eyes Charter-School Funds For New Academy
The Virginian-Pilot, VA, July 2, 2012

Schools have coped with the economic downturn in all sorts of ways: cutting costs, getting grants, raising taxes. Now Virginia Beach has an idea for funding a new academy program when there’s little money for anything new: Turn the program into a charter school.


Pa. Must Revisit Funding Of Charters
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA, July 2, 2012

A new report on the expense of charter and cyber schools provides more proof that Pennsylvania needs to change its flawed formula to fund them.

Troubled Cyber Charter School Ignores State’s Demand That It Close
Philadelphia Daily News, PA, July 1, 2012

BOARD MEMBERS of the Philly-based Frontier Virtual Charter High School discussed plans on Saturday to hire 16 teachers and grow the student population during the upcoming school year.

Judge Says Online Charter School Cannot Open in August
News & Observer, NC, June 30, 2012

A Wake County judge ruled Friday that a controversial charter school that planned to offer only online classes cannot open in August. The decision could delay the launch of any similar programs for at least a couple of years.

Digital Academies Compete For Students
Marion Star, OH, July 1, 2012

A Columbus-based digital academy recently focused on Marion as well as other areas as it seeks new students.

New Charter School To Conduct Classes Online
Post-Tribune, IN, June 30, 2012

One of Indiana’s newest charter schools lacks desks, a building and buses to take you there, but that’s no problem for students.

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