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Daily Headlines: March 2, 2012

Santorum Knocks Govt Over Schools But Takes Money
Associated Press, March 2, 2012

As he presses for the conservative votes he needs to overtake GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum is hammering away at the role state and federal governments play in running schools.


Giving Parents Anarchy Authority Is Not Solution To Education Woes
Camp Verde Bugle, AZ, March 1, 2012

The Arizona Senate this week voted to give parents broad-based powers over low-rated schools. It includes forcing the elected school board to shut down such schools, convert it to a charter school or replace the principal.

District: Hey Charters, We Might Want You Back
Voice of San Diego, CA, March 1, 2012

A few weeks ago, I wrote this story describing how and why charter schools within San Diego Unified have recently left the district’s special education program, choosing to get their special education services elsewhere.

S.F. School Board Gets It Right On Teacher Layoffs
San Francisco Chronicle, CA, March 2, 2012

Low-performing schools won’t improve if their most dedicated young teachers are the first to get pink slips. Yet that’s the damaging result of ironclad union seniority rules that rob needy schools of motivated instructors when layoffs occur. Thankfully, the San Francisco school board has moved to break with this misguided tradition and side with Superintendent Carlos Garcia on behalf of students and parents.

Parent-Trigger Warfare
Wall Street Journal, March 2, 2012

For over a year, teachers unions and their allies have used bureaucratic games and intimidation to fight “parent-trigger” school reform in California. Now comes evidence that they may have falsified documents.

Making College the Goal an Uphill Fight in the Valley
The Desert Sun, CA, March 2, 2012

Without nearby access to a major university, a job market that does not rely heavily on advanced degrees and a culture that has not pushed higher education or had the means to pay for it, the valley has not historically aimed students toward college. Educators and community groups are teaming up to take a regional approach to change that.

USF Professor Warns About Business Model of Education
Bradenton Herald, FL, March 2, 2012

As the trend of private management companies overseeing charter schools grows, a University of South Florida professor is warning against applying business principles to education.

As Charter Funding Idea Dies, Task Force Floated By House Budget Writers
Florida Times-Union Blog, FL, March 1, 2012

Supporters of allowing charter and traditional public schools to share a pot of construction money may come up short this year, but House education budget-writers are trying to at least pave the way for a future agreement.

Florida House Passes Bill To Allow Parents To Take Over Failing Public Schools
Palm Beach Post, FL, March 1, 2012

Parents at a chronically poor-performing school could “trigger” a plan to turn it around, including handing it over to a private management company, under a measure approved by the Florida House on Thursday.

Charters May Be Exempt From Florida’s Merit-Pay Law
Orlando Sentinel, FL, March 1, 2012

Charter schools would be exempt from some sections of Florida’s sweeping teacher merit-pay law under a bill the Florida House is considering.

Bill To Eliminate Extra Money For Georgia Charter School Systems Advances
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA, March 1, 2012

Legislation to eliminate a special grant to charter school systems has cleared a first hurdle in the state House.

Marguerite Cline: Advice for Legislators: Don’t Make the Teachers Mad
Cherokee Tribune, GA, March 2, 2012

Oops! Has our state legislative delegation forgotten something most of us learned in elementary school? Do not make the teacher mad. The teachers are angry and they are not the only ones. There are many issues that have irked them and parents of their students about our state legislators — their stance on charter schools,

New Kind of Teacher Prep Aimed at ‘Burnout’ in Cobb Schools
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA, March 1, 2012

Osborne High led Cobb County Schools last year in an undesirable index: Nearly a third of the teachers quit.

Bill To Restore Idaho Teacher Pay Clears Senate
Spokesman Review, WA, March 2, 2012

The Idaho Senate has unanimously backed a major change to the controversial Students Come First school reform law that requires annual cuts to the teacher salary funds to pay for new classroom technology and teacher merit-pay bonuses.

New Groups Vs. Old Ones
Chicago Now Blog, IL, March 1, 2012
Oh, good. More folks claiming to represent the interests of children. Don’t they know that the teachers and the Democratic Party are already doing that job so very well? (Eye roll.)

PUC Expands Dual-Credit Program
Post Tribune, IN, March 1, 2012

Purdue University Calumet’s dual-credit partnership with Northwest Indiana high schools is taking another step forward.

Randolph Central School District Will Tie Performance To Teachers’ Pay
Palladium-Item, IN, March 2, 2012

Randolph Central Schools will be among the first districts in the state to develop a new performance-based pay structure for its teachers.

International Charter School on Schedule for Fall Opening in Jefferson Parish
Times Picayune, LA, March 1, 2012

While plans for one charter school in Jefferson Parish are on hold, another charter school operator, the International School of Louisiana, is proceeding as scheduled to open its third campus in August. Schools are already operating in Algiers an New Orleans.

Board May Lose Some Power
The Daily Advertiser, LA, March 2, 2012

But what has quietly flown under the radar in Jindal’s plan is his desire to empower superintendents, while restraining the power possessed by Louisiana school board members.

Education Reforms Criticized
The Advocate, LA, March 2, 2012

Education reforms that emphasize standardized testing, voucher programs and charter schools won’t fix what’s wrong in public schools, former federal education policy adviser Diane Ravitch told school board members from across the state Thursday.

Charter School Proposal Sent To County System To Begin Review Phase
Diamondback, MD, March 2, 2012

A coalition of university, city and state officials submitted a 175-page proposal for a university-sponsored city charter school, officially moving the six-year project into the review stages necessary to make such a vision possible.

Backing Unions a Delicate Mission for Warren
Boston Globe, MA, March 2, 2012

Organized labor leaders have been among Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s earliest and most ardent supporters, funneling thousands of dollars into her campaign, offering her a high-profile speaking platform in the run-up to her election announcement last fall, and introducing her to voters in South Boston this week.

School Awaits Decision
Natchez Democrat, MS, March 2, 2012

A proposed charter school in Ferriday two years in the making is awaiting a decision by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to move forward with high hopes of opening in 2012.

Choice Done The Right Way
Foster’s Daily Democrat, NH, March 2, 2012

As state Sen. Jim Forsythe, of Strafford, told Foster’s Daily Democrat such an effort will help public school districts eliminate wasteful spending by creating competition. To the extent school choice forces public school systems to step it up a notch, the editorial board here at Foster’s is in agreement with Forsythe. But HB 1607 is not the answer.

Evaluation Study Warrants an ‘A’
Asbury Park Press, NJ, March 2, 2012

Everyone agrees that the teacher evaluation system in New Jersey is due for an overhaul as part of comprehensive education reform.

District Expansion For Charter Is Denied
Courier Post, NJ, March 2, 2012

The state Department of Education has denied a request by a local pastor to expand the number of districts — at least for now — that can send students to the Cherry Hill charter school he hopes to open in September.

Report: NM Ready For Charter Schools
Farmington Daily Times, NM, March 1, 2012

A recent report found that New Mexico ranked fourth in the nation for charter school accountability. That’s good news for the Farmington Municipal School District, which this week touched base with its not-quite-established charter school and has indicated it might seek another.

Charter Schools Is Not A Choice I Want
Brooklyn Daily, NY, March 2, 2012

As I toss my twelfth glossy Success Academy Charter School brochure in the recycling, I wonder what would happen if the millions Success Academy spent rabidly pursuing my family were spent on our local schools.

Majority Of Westchester, Rockland Principals Oppose Teacher-Evaluation System
The Journal News, NY, March 2, 2012

A majority of public school principals in Westchester and Rockland have now endorsed an open letter opposing the state’s new system for evaluating teachers, which depends in part on student test scores.

Triangle To Get 3 New Charter Schools
News & Observer, NC, March 2, 2012

Three new charter schools are expected in the Triangle this fall, the first to open since the General Assembly lifted a 100-school cap.

Further Concerns On Charter Schools
Southern Pines Pilot, NC, March 2, 2012

The explosive proliferation of charter schools in North Carolina raises too many red flags to ignore. Moore County has two charters. Though both have had issues in the past, both seem to be progressing now, and both are clearly run by dedicated, imaginative people. One of them, STARS, is now making a fresh start after coming off probation.

Huntersville Private School Gets OK To Become Charter School
News & Observer, NC, March 2, 2012

Corvian Community School, a small private elementary in Huntersville, was approved Thursday to convert to a charter school.

School Board Thwarts Efforts to Improve Public Schools
The Oklahoman, OK, March 2, 2012

Regarding “City schools plan fight against state takeover” (News, Feb. 23): Once again the union-dominated school board steps boldly forward to thwart efforts to improve public schools.

Districts Await Effects Of A Law Allowing Students To Jump Borders
The Register-Guard, OR, March 2, 2012

Cody Wilson is from Lowell , Alessandra Ziolkowski is from Springfield and Kelsey Buse is from Creswell, but every weekday you will find them in the halls at Pleasant Hill High School .

Court Says School Required To Disclose Financial Records
Delaware County Daily Times, PA, March 1, 2012

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirmed a ruling of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas requiring Chester Community Charter School to disclose financial records requested by The Philadelphia Inquirer in January 2009.

New Hope Charter Officials Testify on Finances, Student Performance
York Dispatch, PA, March 1, 2012

The man in charge of the company that oversees New Hope Charter School was called to testify Thursday as York City School District continues its pursuit of not renewing New Hope’s charter.

Applications Vastly Outnumber Openings At R.I. Charter Schools
Providence Journal, RI, February 1, 2012

A total of 6,521 children have applied for only 697 openings at 15 charter schools in Rhode Island in the 2012-13 school year.

Charter School Lotteries Begin in RI
Providence Eyewitness News, RI, March 1, 2012

Parents and children kept their fingers crossed Thursday morning, as several blind lotteries were held to determine which students will attend Rhode Island ‘s charter schools.

Aaron Regunberg: Teaching Evaluations Another Education Reform Failure
GoLocalProv, RI, March 2, 2012

I am not writing this because I think it’s such a big loss to American public education that I have crossed off teaching as a possible career choice. Rather, I want to give people a quick snapshot of the decision-making process that an undergraduate—even one who, like me, is incredibly interested in public education—goes through after coming into contact with the current education reform debate.

LEAD Academy Takes on Brick Church Middle
The Tennessean, TN, March 2, 2012

After the district gave her notice that Brick Church Middle School would become a LEAD Academy charter beginning next school year, Principal Chirelle Jefferson said she took some time, thought it over and chose to stay on as principal there.

TN Education Chief Sets Lofty Goals, Says Failing Schools Unacceptable
Daily News Journal, TN, March 2, 2012

Kevin Huffman has had a busy first year on the job in his role as the state’s education commissioner. He joined Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration in April of last year after serving as vice-president of public affairs for Teach for America.

Poll Shows Tennesseans Support Education Reform
Knoxville News Sentinel, TN, March 2, 2012

A recent poll commissioned by a state nonprofit organization found that Tennessee voters support recent education reforms.

Va. Senators Sack ‘Tebow Bill;’ Home-Schoolers Kept Off Public School Team Rosters
Washington Post, DC, February 1, 2012

Legislation that would have allowed tens of thousands of home-schooled students in Virginia to play sports at local high schools died in the General Assembly on Thursday.

OSPI Approves 12 School Innovation Plans
Seattle Times, WA, March 1, 2012

Lawmakers and school reform advocates continue to debate whether Washington state should allow public charter schools.

Effort to Change School Vouchers Law Stalled in Assembly
WBAY, WI, March 1, 2012

The state Senate passed a bill that some say would close a loophole that allows a school voucher program to be implemented without community input.

Bill Could Hurt Special-Needs Students
Post Crescent, WI, March 2, 2012

We hate to sound like a broken record, but we’re against a bill working its way through the state Legislature that would strip money from public schools and transfer it to private schools.


Bill Proposes State Council to Examine Virtual Schooling in Maryland
Herald Mail, MD, March 1, 2012

State Sen.Christopher B. Shank wants the state legislature to create a council to study online learning in Maryland .

Interboro Looks To Stave Off Tax Increase, Possible Cyber School
Delaware County Daily Times, PA, March 1, 2012

During their presentation, Director of Curriculum Bernadette Reilly and Hacker said roughly 35 district students are enrolled in charters, costing the district nearly $600,000. By implementing its own Interboro Virtual Academy , the district could save more than half of that expense.

Plans for Online School at Boyertown Advance
Reading Eagle, PA, March 2, 2012

The Boyertown School District is planning to create a cyberschool, and administrators hope to have it operational for the 2012-13 school year.

North Allegheny Board to Vote on Cyber Charter School
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA, March 1, 2012

North Allegheny school directors are expected to vote this month on a proposal to start a pilot cyber charter school for grades 3-8 for the 2012-13 school year.

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