Unions & Establishment page for the latest updates on the strike. Union leaders have been working hard to reshape their image, saying they're willing to talk about reforms and that they're frustrated with the slow pace of school improvement. The strike, however, indicates the union's true colors. Unions are just talking the reform talk, which is why CER is Taking America Back to School on Education Reform to help educate parents, policymakers, and the media on what it takes to effectively transform U.S. schools. Learn how to spot a real reformer with CER's Field Guide to Education Reform. CER’s New Newswire now brings you daily news updates. Be sure to check out what Newswire has to offer with articles about how presidential candidates are likely to differ on education. And don't forget to make plans to see "Won't Back Down," a movie about parent power. Find out how YOU can get parent power and be the best advocate for your child. "/>