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Charter Schools Make The Most of Public FundingJuly 22, 2014

Charter schools are on average more cost-effective in delivering learning gains than traditional public schools, according to a new report released today by the University of Arkansas.

CER Condemns Florida Lawsuit Against Voucher ProgramJuly 16, 2014

The Center for Education Reform strongly condemns the lawsuit brought by the Florida Education Association (FEA) against the recent expansion of Florida’s tax credit scholarship program and newly created personal learning scholarship accounts.

The Bond Between Charter Schools and Digital LearningJune 30, 2014

n 1992, the first charter school was introduced and the concept of public school choice in American education was born.

Lay out the welcome mat for charter schoolsJune 16, 2014

On the campaign trail back in 2010, former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich conceded that Maryland’s charter school law did not go far enough in creating the necessary safeguards for a thriving charter sector statewide, and more needed to be done to ensure charter schools become a welcomed part of public education.

Wanted: More gutsy leaders to drive schools into digital ageJune 4, 2014

A second-grader in a Middletown, N.Y., school furrows her brow, searching her keyboard to find that funny number sign for her password. A third-grader holds her Chromebook aloft, hoping to speed the connection to a wireless router.

Obama’s War on Vouchers Rolls OnJune 4, 2014

Under the guise of “equality,” the United States Department of Justice is waging a campaign to slam the schoolhouse doors on thousands of poor children living in states that have decided to give them the same educational options enjoyed by wealthy families.

  • A bigger bang for school bucks (CER In the News) 24 July 2014
    An increasing number of parents who shop around before choosing a school for their children are opting for charter schools because they like the academic environment....
  • Unions put teachers on streets—for votes 24 July 2014
    Teachers unions are struggling to protect their political clout, but as the midterm elections approach, they’re fighting back with their most popular asset: the teachers themselves....