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by Ingrid Jacques The Detroit News October 24, 2014 Michigan charter schools are feeling a little picked on lately. Since July, these public schools which educate about 10 percent of the state’s students have received nearly 100 percent of the criticism coming from Democratic lawmakers and other education leaders. In recent months, Democrats have introduced […] Read more »
By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had been held back twice, disliked school, and honestly believed I’d end up a high-school dropout. Instead, three months ago, I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of West Florida in interdisciplinary social science with a minor in juvenile justice. Read more »
Education, the polls say, is a perennial worry for voters. More than three-quarters of the public give America’s public schools a “C” or lower; 58 percent think K-12 education is on the wrong track; Read more »
The Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s Metro D.C. School Spending Explorer offers the public a great resource by sharing data on public school spending (at the school level) across the District. Read more »
The first occurred several years back, when Mr. Hense discovered there were no D.C. license plates in a Northern Virginia parking lot filled with science and technology experts and other professionals. Read more »
There’s an old saying that information is power. Yet, I was shocked to learn that very few people showed up last night to the public information hearing the district itself was hosting. Read more »
Having read your article, “The Financial Fantasies of Choice,” in Education Week’s digital edition (below), as an education reform (including “choice”) advocate, I find it necessary to respond to the assertions you’ve put forth. Read more »
'It's like a tale of two Americas on school choice," says Kevin Chavous. There's the status quo that includes the teachers unions and their allies. Read more »
Our world lost another wonderful soul today, and the reform movement, an incredible and, relatively speaking, unknown pioneer. I am not only sad for her, her family, her friends and her closest associates, but angry. I am angry that Barbara Dreyer, the original innovator is gone, and that I have personally lost another ally in […] Read more »
It’s not often two books come out at roughly the same time that, together, provide a true glimpse at the critical and largely unknown story of how the modern day education reform movement came to be. Read more »