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CER in the News

New York State Rule Favors City Charters
April 15, 2014

Claims that the New York budget agreement is friendly to charter schools are little more than political spin.

Charter School Myths
April 14, 2014

This is in response to "Charter envy; As N.Y. boosts school choice for students and parents, Illinois ponders a 'death knell'" (Editorial, April 7). I regret to inform the Tribune Editorial Board that its painstaking admission wasn't necessary because, with respect to charter schools, there's not a lot in the state budget agreement of which to be envious.

Parents Camp Out, Risk Jail to Get Kids into Better Schools
April 14, 2014

Every year, parents across the country camp out and line up to get their kids into good schools. Some have even risked jail terms.

Press Releases

Tennessee Becomes Friendlier to Charter Schools
April 14, 2014

The Tennessee House of Representatives took the final approval measure necessary to pass HB 0702, which significantly increases the likelihood of expanding quality charter schools across the state. The bill will now head to Governor Haslam’s desk.

Victory for Online Learning in New Jersey
April 11, 2014

A unanimous ruling from a New Jersey appellate court upheld the right of the State Commissioner of Education to authorize online charter schools, paving the way for innovation and squashing a union-led effort to discourage the expansion of online education.

Tennessee Senate Approves School Voucher Measure
April 10, 2014

The Tennessee Senate on Thursday passed school choice legislation that would allow low-income students in failing schools to use vouchers, adding to the vast array of legislative proposals aimed at improving student outcomes in the Volunteer State.