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"Save Our Schools"? More Like Save Our Status Quo

September 23, 2011

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Last month’s march on Washington D.C. by the group erroneously titled “Save our Schools” is something out of a bad back-to-the-future movie. Ignoring all the evidence and progress made by upsetting the status quo, the usual suspects – teacher unions and their allies – are gathering with the goal of putting “public school stakeholders back at the center of all education policy conversations, and to refocus national, state, and local efforts on providing the resources and support schools need in order to provide a high-quality education for each and every student.” Really? Because we’ve actually put parents and rank-and-file teachers back at the center of the discussion, a place the status quo has never tolerated for them. Reform to this group of alleged public school advocates means only more money, no high-stakes tests, and no accountability.