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CER: Cornerstone of Education Reform

The destination and, since 1993, the leading voice and advocate for lasting, substantive and structural education reform in the U.S.

Ideas and Innovation

Generating and sharing leading ideas and information

Making It Happen

New Ranking of School Choice Programs Reveals Need for Strong Laws that Facilitate Greater Participation!

Writings and Musings

Richard Whitmire's, On the Rocketship, is must-read case study of the Rocketship schools.

In the Loop

What to say when someone says charter schools don't produce results for kids in Newswire!

Issue Accuracy

Protecting and stimulating media coverage and issue accuracy

In the News

New Evidence Finds Charter Schools More Cost Effective, Yield a Greater Return on Investment.


Supporting and enabling grassroots activism

You Can Make a Difference

Together we can deliver the promise of a quality education for every child in America.

On the Ground

CER Interns Present: #NextGenEdReform TODAY at Fordham Institute!

CER Programs